Content marketing 101

With customers searching brands 24×7 online , content marketing has never been as important as now. With small marketing departments, it is difficult to keep your blog section updated. Lets face it, customers are bombarded with so much content that they will soon forget about your brand unless you create a uniquely differentiated content.

The importance of content marketing

People are most likely to connect easily with content marketing than traditional marketing. What engages the audience, gives them answers to their questions, delivers quality and educational content is what works the best in the era of the internet. 

Making your potential buyer change their minds and choose your brand over the brand they have been using is one of the biggest tasks. People connect to the stories and it makes the process easier if your brand tells the story they can resonate with. 

Traditional marketing is 62% costlier than content marketing

 Also, content marketing generates approx three times more leads than traditional marketing.  

The benefits of content marketing 

Benefitting from content marketing takes comparatively much more time. But the security of building a loyal customer base is what makes it worthwhile. 

Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Content builds a digital marketplace to attract leads and sales
  • It grows slowly yet strongly as you build the relationship with customers and answer their questions.
  • It helps you establish your brand and uniqueness that spreads authority.
  • Your potential prospects get educated and turn into long-term customers.

Building the foundation of content marketing

Being a new concept, it does get overwhelming at times. But getting help is not a big deal. Hiring the team for planning and executing the final product is such a smart step to take for the starters. 

Here are some easy steps you can take to build a content marketing function in your organisation. 

Hire the right team : Hiring the right set of people who appreciate the value of content marketing is very important. Content marketing assumes an understanding of how content functions in on various platforms. Several times, this work is assigned to traditional digital marketing agencies who double up as the content team. Unfortunately, that can backfire. In our experience, a lot of clients have reported lack of content writing skill as the biggest bottleneck in getting the right content from agencies. 

What is the way your prospects see you? What reminds them of you? 

The biggest opportunity of grabbing the audience’s attention and making a place in their head is establishing a brand voice. This can be achieved by first understanding your customers well.  Profiling your ideal customer is the way to go ahead with how you can execute your strategies. Crafting an ideal customer persona will help you do things the way your customers want them. It will resonate better and lead to an increase in traffic and engagement; hence, better sales.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the content should be relevant and various yet able to create a bond. Knowing your audience’s pain point is the biggest plus while creating the content marketing strategy. At last, you are doing it for turning your audience into buyers.


Content marketing might look intimidating as you read through tons of articles and try to understand everything at once. But once you get started with the easiest strategies, it’s a piece of cake to get a hang of it. A well-structured map to execute the plan for your brand awareness will result positively and effectively.

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