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Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, we work only with journalists and reporters. Bulk of our business is supporting media clients in news writing. A journalist is a right match for such projects. 

Payment terms are determined by the volume of content, specific terms by the client and so on. We usually work on either per word or per article basis. In some projects, we have also done a lumpsum payment.

Ours is a very transparent method. 

1-No PLAGIARISM: This is something we can't fix. Hence, plagiarism once found in an assignment is usually when we part our ways. 
2-Comfort with internet platforms: You need to be comfortable working with google docs, sheets etc. 
3-Flair for writing: Truth be told, if you don't like writing, you won't be able to produce quality. 
4-Commitment: If you take up an assignment, deliver it on time. 

We pay against the correct invoice submitted by the writer. At the end of the month, you need to send an invoice of your work. We pay in the first week after the month ends. 

There are 2 taxes applicable when you freelance, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and GST (in case you have taken a GST number). Most individuals need to consider only the TDS. We deduct 10% TDS from writer payment. This is deposited with the income tax department. You can claim it from the government while filing your returns

It is not advisable to receive payments without paying the required taxes. As an organisation, we do not encourage this practice. We therefore, do not make payments without deducting taxes.