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Newsroom BPO

Managing local news desk  in Hindi for 10 cities 

A large media client was keen to expand its footprint to local cities. The argument was that digital presence can be built in cities where they do not have the print presence, thus creating additional revenue stream. 

But the client did not want to commit large editorial manpower, since they were not sure if the project indeed would bring new audiences. 

Pebble handled the entire newsroom for them for 1.5 years, creating almost 80-100 stories everyday. Barring the editor and a few supervisors, the entire team was provided by Pebble. 

Client could easily experiment in these geographies thanks to the Newsroom BPO model of Pebble which allowed them to take on-demand stories without worrying about manpower cost, recruitment, overheads etc. 

You too can take advantage of our Newsroom BPO services where we handle the entire content operation for you under your guidelines.