May 2021


Content writing

A virtual assistant was struggling with right answers to questions in Hindi

Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are not only fun, they can be extremely useful to bypass the language barrier in a country like India. However, they need to have a large database of answers, as users ask all sorts of things. 



For example, one user asked, “What are the benefits of smoking a cigarette”. Pebble took this and all such questions and provided credible, well researched answers. We added a bit of humour in the tone too. 

So next time you ask this in Hindi, chances are, the answer actually may have been provided by Pebble. 


As virtual assistants become smarter, they will be able to answer almost all kinds of questions. However, they need to be made smart by providing them answers in vernacular language. With a large network of journalists with experience in diverse sectors and languages, Pebble is capable of handling projects where original content is needed. 

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If credible content is important for your business, you can benefit from Pebble’s unique content creation model that delivery quality.